Summer 2016


A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.


— James Dent

Journal #4

Reflect on the progress that your team has been making so far this semester in creating a business. What three things have you contributed to the success of your team? What additional contributions do you intend to make in the last few weeks?

I believe what has really shined through this semester is how well we all get along in the group. Ever since business positions were assigned at the beginning it kind of gave each of us a role and ever since we have maintained that role. By doing so, there was an unspoken metrics that was literally tested every day we were in class. That is shown through how well we work together to get group assignments done in class but also how we check in with each other to make sure that our individual assignments are done, as well. No on carries anyone else but we make sure we complete tasks together.

Three things I have contributed to my group this semester…

  1. Even though work is divided evenly among group members, I feel like I have made myself available throughout the semester to take on any work that may need to get done in the group. That’s not to say that the rest do not. We all check in with each other before the end of each class to make sure at least one person is responsible for submitting our group assignments.
  2. I’ve contributed as a team member. I’m not very used to working in groups. I used to think that if I could avoid working with others I could accomplish my tasks a lot faster but what I realized is that there is more than one way to skin a cat and my group members taught me that (not to actually skin a cat but different opinions and methods to get tasks done). 
  3.  A sense of humor. If we can’t laugh through tough times I truly believe our group would not be as well off, dynamically. We have been through a lot this semester and laughing and making light of tough situations really has pulled us through those times.

The way I can contribute to my group for the rest of the semester is to be present mentally and physically. I want my group to know they can depend on me over the next few weeks as stuff really starts to snowball as we approach finals week.  

Journal Entry #3


=^_^= How can I not be happy among such great company!?

This is exactly how my first semester back as a returning student feels. I’ve met some really great people, peers and educators. I love that I chose business as my major and love what I learn every day. This picture evokes my feelings toward this semester and I hope I am able to share the same photo two years from now, still happy and excited to be present.

Journal Entry #2

How do you like using Excel in the course so far?

I love that you are teaching us Excel on a daily basis. I love it so much I am helping our HR department learning it as well. I’ve now begun to use it at work to help me with daily tasks. The most valuable thing I’ve learned so far is to Scrape and Scrub data to make it usable and readable. I blew my mom’s mind when showed her the technique! 

What features of Excel do you like the best? The least?

My favorite is linking pages. It is so valuable because you really only need to focus on one spreadsheet and have the confidence that whatever changes you are making will also be conveniently reflected on the other pages you have linked together. Pretty cool feature.

You watched three videos with Professor DeBerg explaining how Rachel used Excel to create personal financial statements and business financial statements. Were these videos helpful?

Absolutely helpful. A little difficult to follow along on how to set it up but I understand the value it has. I can keep track of my own finances now while in college and be prepared and confident in creating a business financial statement when I enter the work force.

Journal Entry #1

What were your three favorite things about this course and why?

I feel so blessed to be taking a business course in 2016. The technology that I am learning will allow me to be a better innovator in the work force. A lot of companies are still stuck in their old ways and I know that by taking this course I will be able to bring a new perspective to the table. The second thing I absolutely love about this course is that it’s hands on rather than just lecture. I learn by doing rather than by taking notes and hoping I can study effectively enough to pass the tests. I love that it’s taught by two professor rather than just one. It’s never a dull moment in the class and I can tell the business department is pretty impressed with the way you both are teaching this class. Finally, the third thing I love about this course is my group. We are an eclectic bunch and we actually become pretty good friends. We help each other out when we can, we meet outside of class on our own accord and work together to get group work done. 

What would you change if there was something you could about this course?

As valuable as learning how to use Excel, I’m a little concern with the lack of mathematics that is being taught. I may be old fashioned and probably putting my foot in my mouth but I’m nervous for my future courses involving math. Will I be up to par with the rest of the class?